• Robot Components

    Robot Components

    Stargazer Indoor Position ModuleStargazer technology is based on infrared visual IPS technology. This is mature and low cost solution for mobile robot navigation. The key points are:Direct output of X


  • PF3400 Robot & Systems

    PF3400 Robot & Systems

    PF3400 robot is the world first intrinsically safe SCARA robot. PF 3400 will not injure users or equipment even if it collides with them at full speed. This eliminates the need for expensive safety sh


  • Smart Service Robot

    Smart Service Robot

    We are authorized distributor of SoftBank robots and we also sell some different types of smart service robot such as hospital robot, restaurant robot etc.Pls feel free to contact us if you are intere


  • coreCon Robot Motion Controller

    coreCon Robot Motion Controller

    coreCON Robot Controller Advantage:ARM based with EtherCAT bus, small size, poweful function, easy useIntegrated force control function: free teaching, collision detection, impedance control, torque s


  • OmniWheel


    Rotacaster supplies top tier commercialized omniwheel product for mobile robot application. This product provides excellent manoeuvrability for robots. Compared to Mecanum wheel, omniwheel is better f


  • Teaching Pendant

    Teaching Pendant

    We supply Daincube teaching pendant products in China. Daincube has more than 15 years experience on robot controller & TP's design, manufacturing and sales. A lot of robot companies and equip


  • Robot Joint Module and CoBOT Design Service

    Robot Joint Module and CoBOT Design Service

    We supply Cobot controller, robot joint module and Cobot design service to the market. We also support customized robot algorithm design. Pls contact us if you have any inquiries.


  • Transfer Sorting Module

    Transfer Sorting Module

    OMNIA Transfer Table is supplied by Rotacaster, and it achieves omni-directional motion when moving packs onto conveyors. For more product information, pls contact us directly.


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